The Zenith


The Zenith is a sky/air dimension. It features fractured landscapes, across which the player must traverse. Villages house Skyknights, the dominant race of The Zenith, much more advanced than their Overworld villager counterparts. They are currently engaged in an all-out war against the Ender.

The Nether's laws of physics allow you to travel at the rate of 9 blocks a step. Opposingly, the Zenith only moves the player 1/9 of a block per step in the Overworld. It is planned that the Zenith will add Alchemy, through which a player can use a catalyst to recycle old items.

Materials for Tools

Wood-The most basic tool type. It can be used to break basic blocks, such as planks, marble, and dirt.

Marble-A step up from wood. It can mine tougher materials such as ores, and has a higher durability.

Skysilver-The Zenith's iron tier. It has a fair amount of uses, more than marble, and is strong enough to mine emerald ore.

Amber-The Zenith's vanity tier. It has a very low durability, but a very high enchantability

Emerald-The god tier of the Zenith. It has a fairly high number of uses and is very strong.

Making A Zenith Portal

Currently you will need to light a Crystal frame with a Snowball. Crystal is found in cave formations in the overworld, but occurences in the Kyther and Nether are undecided.