The Glorious 'Elder God' that is the Hero Golem

The Hero Golem is the only Tier Three Golem in All Dem Dimensions, and is sequentially the last golem you gain the ability to make. Tier 1 Golems (Snow, Wax, Rubber, Light) are available to make from the beginning, and Tier 2 (Iron, Cloud, ???, Blaze) are relatively easy to get in comparison to what is dubbed in development as the 'Badass MuthaF***'**.'

The Requirements to make a Hero Golem are planned to be;

5 Glass

3 Obsidian

1 Nether Star (May be renamed to Wither Star)

9 Diamonds

9 Rubies

9 Emeralds

9 Sapphires

9 Terminium

This boils down to a Beacon, Diamond Block, Emerald Block, Ruby Block, Sapphire Block, and Terminium Block. However, this is worth it. Even though the Hero Golem can only be sustained in the Ender realm (not even the End itself), its power more than makes up for it. In combat the Hero Golem will borrow attacks from other golems, including throwing (like an Iron Golem), Punching (Blaze Golem), firing Cloud Projectiles (Cloud Golem) and the Kyther Tier 2 Golem's ability. It will heal the player at a rate of 0.25 hearts per second, so you could regenerate from 0.5 hearts to full health in 38 seconds.

The Hero Golem will attack Endermen, Enderorci, Enderraptors, Enderwraithes, Endercrabs, Enderlords,  and Enderbarons (possibly Ender-Curators and Ender-Ravagers, but they are unconfirmed.). In close proximity it can also disable any additional powers the Enderrace will gain in the Ender. Due to the amount of work it takes to create, this golem will either have an incredibly high amount of hearts or will be Invincible.