The easel is a block used to create custom paintings. Although the easel can technically be crafted anywhere due to its recipe requiring only wood, it is considered one of the special gameplay mechanics of the Zenith due to the

The easel block.

fact that paint bottles and canvases, two materials essential to painting, can be obtain from materials present only in that dimension.


A canvas can be placed on the easel either by right-clicking the easel block with the canvas item or by opening the easel GUI (also accomplished by right-clicking) and placing it in the slot specifically intended to hold a canvas. This slot is located at the top center of the GUI, next to the word "Painting." The canvas can be retrieved at any time by removing the it from the slot, or by destroying the easel, which will drop both the easel itself and the entirety of its contents.

After setting up the easel and canvas, the next step toward creating a painting is to mix up some bottles of paint. This is achieved in the crafting matrix at the bottom left corner of the GUI (labeled "Mix Colors"). A paint bottle of one of the sixteen basic colors can be manufactured with a bottle of water, wax, and the dye corresponding to the desired color.

After obtaining more than one paint bottle, it is possible to mix two to four colors together in the same section of the GUI. This is achieved simply by placing the desired combination of colors in the crafting matrix. When the resultant paint bottle is taken, all the bottles in the matrix receive damage corresponding to the individual share each had in making the new color (e.g. a mixture of two colors damages each bottle 50% of maximum damage, three damage 33%, and four damage 25%). There are 16,777,216 possible combinations of paint colors.

Bottles of paint can be stored and used in the color palette at the left of the screen, but only in the first and third rows of slots. Placing one within the palette will prompt a sample of the paint's color to appear to the right of the bottle, in the slot next to it (which is why no items can be stored in those slots). Right-clicking on this sample will select its color, allowing the user to paint with it on the canvas. The paint bottle will be damaged once every time a pixel of its paint is applied to the canvas.

The canvas model on the easel shows the user's work as he paints. Once the the user is finished painting, he may take the painting from the canvas and place it on a wall in the same manner as one of Minecraft's original paintings. Destroying the painting, or invalidating its position by removing the wall from behind it, will drop the painting to be placed again.

Known issuesEdit

  • Paint bottles currently are not damaged when used.
  • Custom paintings occasionally experience a slight flashing glitch when rendered against a wall.

Future plansEdit

  • Canvas sizes up to 3x3, of any square or rectangular shape, will be supported eventually.
  • Watercolor paint will be added as a translucent form of paint.
  • Brushes will be added to increase the user's stroke size.
  • A means to fill the canvas with color will be added.
  • Paintings will be signable and duplicable.